Call ooVoo to ooVoo

You can easily call ooVoo contacts for an ooVoo call over the internet using high quality audio and video.

The free plan allows 3 way video calls and to enjoy basic features. A variety of subscription plans are available which enable advanced features such as having a video call with up to 6 participants, an option to call phones and an option to prevent advertisements from being displayed. ooVoo Credit can be purchased to call phones in several different countries or to add participants to the video call.


To start a video conversation:

  1. Double-click on an online contact(s) from the 'Contacts' tab (or select an online contact(s) and click ). The 'ooVoo video call' window appears with a message showing who you are calling. You can click or Cancel to end the call.
    You can also right-click on a contact(s) and select 'Start ooVoo video call'; select a single contact, click and select 'Start ooVoo video call' or select a contact(s) and select 'Start ooVoo video call' from the 'Actions' menu.
  2. You can select more than one contact by holding the Ctrl keyboard key and pressing the left mouse button.

    The 'Start ooVoo video call' icon will be disabled if an online contact is not selected. In this case you can double-click on an offline contact to record and send a video message.

  3. When a contact accepts participation, s/he appears in a video pane. Click here for information about participating in the video conversation.
    If there is no response to your video call, you can set the 'ooVoo video message' or 'Chat' window to open automatically or to call the user's phone (if provided and you have phone minutes).
  4. If you would like to add another contact to the call, click Invite. Click here for more information.