Sign in

Signing in opens the ooVoo application and enables you to communicate with your contacts (participate in an ooVoo video call, send and receive video messages and files, chat, etc.). Your contacts will be able to see your status and know if you're available.

You can easily change your status from the sign in window or after signing in.
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To sign into ooVoo:

  1. Go to the ooVoo sign in window.
    If you already created your ooVoo account, click on the ooVoo icon located in the task bar notification area next to the clock or double-click on the ooVoo icon on your desktop or select it from the ‘Start’ menu. If the ooVoo icon does not appear in the task bar notification area, you probably exited the application and you will need to use the ‘Start’ menu.
  2. Enter your ooVoo ID in the first field and your password in the second field.
    If you have numbers in your password and enter them using the number pad on your keyboard, then make sure the number lock key is pressed.
    Make sure that you type the password in the same letter case (using uppercase and lowercase letters).
  3. You can check the following options:
  4. Click Sign in. You will be signed in and your status will be displayed.
    You can sign out and return to the sign in window by selecting Sign out from the File menu.
    If you failed to sign in or your connection was lost, the system will try to sign you in from time to time. If you want to try to sign in quicker, simply click Sign in. Assuming the problem has been resolved, you will be signed in. If this problem persists, please go to our support center to check the knowledge base or open a support ticket.