Update ooVoo

The ooVoo mobile application can be downloaded from the Android Market. In order to install or upgrade ooVoo, you need to download the application from the Android market which requires a Google Gmail account. 


To create a Gmail account:

Press the menu button and tap Settings, tap Accounts & Sync. Tap Add Account. Tap Google and tap Next. Tap Create. Enter your name and desired username in the fields and tap Next. Enter a password and confirm password in the fields and tap Next. Enter a security question and secondary email in the fields. Tap Create. Tap I agree, Next. Tap Sync Now to link your account to the mobile device. Tap Finish setup.


To download ooVoo:

If you have a Google account linked to the mobile device, the 'Market' icon will appear either on the desktop or in the Applications folder. Tap on the 'Market' icon to enter the market page and search for ooVoo. Tap on the ooVoo icon to download the application by following the instructions in the wizard.


To check your ooVoo version:

Press the menu button, tap Settings, tap Applications, tap Manage applications and tap on the ooVoo application to display the version.