Computer CPU problems

In addition to having a broadband Internet line with a minimum of 128KB of available bandwidth for each video window, ooVoo requires a powerful computer to process the video. In some cases an alert may appear during the video call to notify you that ooVoo has detected high CPU usage on your computer, your computer has a weak CPU which doesn't meet the minimum system requirements or your computer is not strong enough to use a high quality video setting which requires a dual core CPU.


High CPU usage detected

If high CPU usage was detected, it means your computer is overloaded with too many tasks to process at a time. Try closing other programs and open windows which are running (for example if you are uploading or downloading a large file such as a video clip, have an Internet game running, are chatting in a social network, etc.). If this doesn't help, try the steps mentioned below under 'Weak CPU'.


Weak CPU

To fully enjoy ooVoo video calls, we recommend that your computer meet the minimum system requirements published on the 'Download' page. Click here for the minimum recommended system requirements. A weak computer may cause you to experience delays in the audio/video or experience a slow response rate when using the application. If you have experienced delays during the video call, we recommend that you:



High resolution video

ooVoo's high resolution video setting requires a powerful computer with a dual core CPU, a webcam that supports high resolution video and a good Internet line with an upload speed of 384 KB.



If you need more information, try the following link:

Video quality problems


If you are experiencing problems and need assistance to pinpoint the problem, please open a support request.