Logging out from ooVoo will change your status to offline and you will not receive any notifications.
If someone sends you an instant message, you will receive it the next time you are online.


To logout from ooVoo:

Select Log out from the ooVoo menu. You are logged out and your status is changed to offline.

You can also log out by right-clicking on the ooVoo icon in the taskbar notification area and select Log out.

You can close the application window to free up space on your screen by clicking . The application window will be closed. Your status will still be displayed to your contacts and you will continue to receive notifications.


To unlink Facebook from your ooVoo account:

Select Unlink from Facebook from the ooVoo menu and click Unlink and Log Out. Log into ooVoo.
You can link your account with Facebook to a different Facebook account.