Record the ooVoo call

You can easily record ooVoo calls and upload them to an ooVoo server or to YouTube.
Recording calls is free and you can upload the recorded call to YouTube. If you want to store the video call on an ooVoo server, you will need to use a purchased plan.


To record the ooVoo call:
  1. Start or join an ooVoo call. During an ooVoo call, click Actions and click Record (in side bar mode click Menu, select Actions and then Record). A message will appear on each of the participant windows to let them know that the call is being recorded. Even though the notification message appears, please let everyone know that you are recording the call.
    You can right-click in the video call window (except on the participant videos) and select Record video call.
  2. To stop the recording, click Actions and click Stop Recording (in side bar mode click Menu, select Actions and then Stop Recording).
    When you stop the recording, the recorded file is completed and when you start the recording again a new file begins. At the end of an ooVoo call, several recorded files for the same call may be generated.
  3. Click to end the conversation. A message will appear. Click OK. You will be able to view the recording from the Recorded files window.
    After recording, you can save the recorded file in an avi format, upload it to an ooVoo server or to YouTube from the Recorded files window. If you plan to upload the video call to YouTube, please note that there may be limitations such as the length of the video call. In this case you can stop the recording momentarily every so often (i.e. every 10-15 minutes) to upload shorter videos.